“The services your company provides to our company continues to be superior”

Dave Morse
Morse Companies

“It is not to often that a company presents themselves in such a positive manner and then lives up to it! That is exactly what you have done for Reliable.”

Micheal J. Mignone
VP Logistics and Customer Service
Reliable Van & Storage

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Company Profile

We want to welcome you to Moving Claim Solutions. We truly believe and practice, as a dominate claim service provider in our industry, your reputation and success are directly affected by our service values and principles.

Features & Benefits of MCS


Our 4 Core Values

Our business is based on five basic principles.

Our friendly and courteous staff is always ready to assist you and your customers. Turnaround time is prompt and streamlined. Through responsiveness and promoting trust and accountability within our communication matrix, MCS can enhance your company’s reputation and financial future.

MCS believes that quality comes from effective communication and cooperative teamwork. With our new innovative Information Management Systems, no origin or destination request is left to chance. Orders are completed promptly and with the highest levels of proficiency and customer service. 

MCS provides adaptable, effective solutions. By making MCS a member of your team, you can gain the flexibility and resources needed to accommodate all your claim service operational and financial goals. From large conglomerates, to small, family owned businesses, MCS develops systems and programs that fulfill claim service requests efficiently and cost effectively. With a brief needs analysis, MCS can design a plan that marries itself to a company’s environment, enhancing the monetary growth of any firm.

Processing an order with MCS has never been easier. Simply call, fax, email, or go online to place any claim service requests. Once an order is received, MCS will take care of the rest. With our Information Management System, any company – large or small – can track, manage or change orders online. With MCS on your side, you can control and direct hundreds of orders with just a mouse click.

We look forward to being of service. At MCS, your reputation is our responsibility!

Customer Service

MCS prides itself on outstanding customer service. There are no voice mails or messages one needs to leave when contacting MCS. There are no teams assigned, or waiting on hold for coordinators when calling into our office. Anyone who calls in will be connected to a live person for immediate assistance. We have extended hours including Saturdays, and a 24 hour emergency service line. All quotes and orders can be placed electronically via web, called in, emailed, faxed, or through Movers Suite, creating ease-of-use.

Web management Tools

With our web based quote and order management tools, all communication notes are shared and delivered in real time to keep agent coordinators, shippers, and all parties informed and updated on all activity. Using your in-house move management software or the Web; quotes and orders can be sent instantly. One can review and track all requests, read and analyze all communication messages, retrieve pictures, inspections reports, and invoices with one complete system. All quotes can be reviewed and easily converted into an order with a simple click of a button.

Simplified Billing

MCS invoicing is all digital. We process all invoices within 24 -48 hours. Invoices can be mailed, faxed, emailed, or attached to each order in the MCS system for viewing. All invoices are crossed check with the origin or destination services. All communication notes are reviewed, quotes analyzed, and company billing needs followed to ensure 100% accuracy and cost efficiencies. Invoices are archived including full and discounted amounts. Our accounts can retrieve invoices at anytime as well as having them automatically distributed to the proper departments in any organization. Our system notifies a person when the invoices are sent and posted for immediate processing. We can also attach the signed service order with each invoice for viewing upon request.

Move Management Software Upgrades

MCS has partnered with many move management software companies to make managing and placing an order as convenient as possible. With our adaptable software, information and any fields necessary to complete a claim service request from any Move Management Software is retrieved and transferred directly into our system. This makes data entry and information retrieval simple, accurate, and non cumbersome - saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Customized Reporting

The MCS system can customize and create any report based upon the needs and criteria of the agent. From Customer Survey Scores and Account Performance, to Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Financial statements. MCS gives an agent leader the ability to design and create the information needed to manage its 3rd party portfolio.

Adaptability and Education

MCS believes that the best claims service and delivery system is one that can easily adapt and conform to operational and customer service needs. We can adapt a program based on values and features that makes our van line partners more productive and efficient.

We will work with you, and help train and educate all staff members on how to maximize our systems and tools. With annual visits, we strive to develop relationships with all the members of our industry. We will provide educational support and keep you informed on trends and changes in our industry with a monthly news letter. MCS will ensure each team member is satisfied with our performance and make any necessary adjustments to deliver a service that exceeds current expectations.